Monthly Archives: October 2009


No day has looked better than tomorrow for quite awhile.

Water glass rainbow, Guacamole restaurant, Astoria

Water glass rainbow, Guacamole restaurant, Astoria


I cleaned my desk at work and found an old scrap of paper. On it, I had written three things:

-If I had a bed made of cookies, I would never sleep

-Someone took 2 sandwiches to throw away

-Can we create a “merman” protocol?


IMG00107My sister (Brie) brought me a bottle of whiskey this weekend, with four helium balloons tied to it. While we waited for food at a diner, one balloon popped like a gunshot, giving the patrons a taste of fear. One man swore off coffee.

After lunch, my sister forgot her bag and had to go back to the diner. While she was gone, SK and I tied the other three balloons to the wrists of tiny dirty children. When Brie came out, she ran into three giggling joyful toddlers, jumping at the balloons like kittens at their tails. It was beautiful.


I am losing the subtle touch in cooking. Instead of fine-tuning a well-chosen group of ingredients for an exacting, complicated flavor, I now dump sauteed garlic or African hot pepper on every dish.

Who am I kidding, I was never a subtle cook. Replace garlic and hot pepper with sugar, butter, chorizo and parmesan and you’ve described my entire culinary life.