Monthly Archives: November 2009

umbrella upside down

SK and I were strolling down my quiet tree-lined street when a piece of wet macaroni fell straight down in front of us. Looking straight up, we saw nothing but a bare tree and a mischievous sparrow. If sparrows have mustaches, he was twirling his.

over the river

I went to a party last night. I didn’t bring a present so the birthday boy gave me his cold. I’m bringing a neti pot to Thanksgiving.

Off to Middleboro (Massachusetts) in the morning for my own slice of functional dysfunction. No better or worse than yours, I’m sure. My aunt sent this thoughtful e-card to get me in the mood.

When I get back I’ll tell you about my new side job. Via con dios!

No Trojan Horse

We (mostly SK) made Greek orange cake Thursday night. I offered to bring some up to Sophia so she could give it the Greek seal of authenticity. She said her and Steve are off sweets but that maybe a “leetle piece okay.” She pinched her fingers together and squinted her eyes.

Last night at 11:30 I left two slices under Saran Wrap on their washing machine, not wanting to disturb them so late. I know they did a wash since then. Why is the cake still there now?

I just moved it to the stairs. Maybe I should set up a trip wire right above it. Yes, I should do that.