meet cute

The ridiculous steps to this food magazine gig

1- I start dating the ever-cute SK, a passionate cook.

2- She keeps classy food magazines like Gourmet (RIP) and Edible Brooklyn lying around on her gently scuffed vintage suitcase stack.

3- One Sunday whilst on a summer date (with me, duh), after buying a gross overpriced “home-baked twinkie” at a hipster bakery in Park Slope, SK finds an elusive free copy of Edible Brooklyn.

4- She spots a small ad near the back: “First issue of Edible Queens (I didn’t realize the funniness of that name until yesterday) now in stores.” I ride my bike home shortly after.

5- Using my blackberry I find locations in my neighborhood that carry the mag. The fancy burger place ran out but JJ’s Asian Fusion (amazing edamame potstickers in milky hot wasabi sauce) has a healthy stack.

6- Taking two home (one for SK), I am giddy at the prospect of my borough being taken seriously. Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert!* Over the coming weeks, I read every article and event and advertisement.

7- Exhausting the print mag, I go online- befriending Edible Queens on facebook, searching for Google news mentions, frequenting the website.

8- I find a typo on one of EQ’s online pages.

SO TIRED. I’ll finish this later.

* admittedly I didn’t know how to pronounce Ripert until 2 weeks ago.


3 responses to “meet cute

  1. what? way to leave a girl hanging! i need closure.

  2. jeez, i just apply for jobs and either get them or don’t.

  3. i thought it was the other meaning of “queens.”

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