flaking patina

I’m growing weary of meeting cute. Let me finish my tale, then we’ll take a breather.

Obviously my proposal worked out; Leah assigned me three stories for the month of December, plus events and a short preview of the next print edition. I covered champagne cocktails at a cool bar, latkes at an old Kosher deli and cheap cuts of meat from three Queens butchers.

1) Sk joined me for the deli story, and promptly fell in love with Marty (cook in the below picture). It was adorable, she couldn’t stop squeezing his arm. Our matzo soup and ten-pound meat sandwich were amazing but the rugelach was enh.

2) The butcher story brought me way out of my ‘hood, to a cute and possibly evil area of Queens (Forest Hills). Brick streets. Imposing wooden archways. Hansel and Gretel houses. To ground myself, I ate at the Boston Market.

3) Reni joined me for the cocktail story, where we got tipsy and I spilled booze on my notes. I ate dry Irish sausages wrapped in filo dough and dipped in steak sauce. Unimpressive.

I didn’t get paid a dime for my stories but hey. The publisher of a classy food magazine is giving me a chance, based on sparse evidence of talent. I consider the first three months my job application. For now, I’m loving it pro bono.


One response to “flaking patina

  1. awesome Jesse! I need to expand my freelancing … you’ve given me hope that I, too, might someday be a real writer.
    Incidentally, my friend Jessica got published in a new anthology of “six-word biographies.” Hers was: “Degree in English. I sell furniture.”

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