what goes around

To blunt the jagged edge of Christmas shopping in Manhattan, SK and I stopped into Ramen powerhouse Ippudo for lunch. Any day of the week, any time of day, this place has a one-hour wait, minimum. And rightly so. Typically I couldn’t give a good goddam about broth, the tepid saltwater that gets in my way while I spoon-hunt for meat and dumplings. But this stuff…surrounding things like pork belly, seaweed, eggs and scallions, Ippudo makes complicated, richly textured broths that absolutely steal the show. AMAZING.

Too bad I got food poisoning. I can’t blame the soup though; that would be too much betrayal for the holiday season. Instead I will point a finger at either:

A) The ill-advised steak-and-cheese spring roll I ordered as an app. (Seriously, am I from Teaneck?)

B) The handful of sink water I downed in the Ippudo bathroom to take a pill. The water was jasmine-scented, or just diseased.

SK suggests it is unlikely I got food poisoning from a handful of Manhattan tap water. So naive.

3 responses to “what goes around

  1. I drank tap water the whole time I lived in New York, and I still tell anybody who’ll listen that that was the cleanest, most delicious tap water I’ve ever had. Plus, two years of daily intake never caused me even a mild case of the trots. My money’s on that stupid spring roll. What were you thinking, anyway?

  2. nah, you’re from much farther away than teaneck. steak and cheese spring rolls, all around!

  3. i’m in a state of shock….my nyc gem now tarnished….

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