Head all aswim

Just spent three hours at my publisher’s high-rise apartment, looking out at the Triborough Bridge and the bustling East River. The meeting was frenetic and productive. On top of some big news, she threw 324 story ideas at me. Highlights:

-A collaborative story with a man named Trainwreck, bluegrass musician, BBQ expert and Astoria resident.

-Spring gardening how-to with these cheery ladies.

-A visit to this farm upstate, whose “magic black dirt” is responsible for much of Queens’ locally sourced produce.

-Spending a night at this old-school Italian joint, profiling all the sights and sounds (like Big Night!)

So excited, I’m off to get drunk!


2 responses to “Head all aswim

  1. Everything’s coming up Jesse! Can’t wait to read your new stories.

  2. Thanks friend! New stories come out once a month and starting in July, I’ll have articles in the real mag too.

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