opposing cafe culture

Jeez Louise. I joined a local neighborhood organization because I was irritated about a high-rise building across the street from my house. My street is quiet, leafy and residential. So I did what any other passively peevish American does- I subscribed to an e-mail action list, and proceeded to take no action.

I quickly learned this group has other agendas. Since subscribing to their list, I’ve found they are angry about fast drivers. They hate pruning trees. And now, they are fighting outdoor seating permits for two restaurants near my house.

WHAT? My quality of life depends on Astoria’s outdoor cafes, with old Greek men sipping Nescafe and smoking and arguing. The outdoor seating gives the ‘hood a leisurely European vibe that I use to impress girlfriends and out-of-town visitors. What’s next- getting rid of the produce, meat, and fish markets? Or the TACO TRUCKS?

Now I’m angry, and I’m going to take action: unsubscribe.


3 responses to “opposing cafe culture

  1. You should send this post to them, then unsubscribe. ell oh ell.

  2. thanks guys, every successful revolution started with three mildly interested people

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