the midnight special

Do you ever suspect that the waiter slipped you espresso when you ordered decaf? Last night I lay awake at SK’s house, not stressed but not sleeping a wink. I blame a decaf mickey.

SK blames the taco I made at midnight with eggs and pickled jalapenos. Or the subsequent bag of walnuts I chowed at 3am.


2 responses to “the midnight special

  1. uh, yeah, it happens all the time. no waiter wants to make a whole new pot of coffee at 10 p.m. just for one customer, so they’ll just give you whatever is on hand. usually at night it’s decaf, though.

    and you ordered decaf? how old are you, seventy?

  2. Verily it is aging that makes me hyper sensitive to caffeine. One green tea at five or six is the last I ingest.

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