golden age

I feel I’m in a time and place where things are happening. Queens is on the verge of bursting into people’s consciousness as more than a backdrop for dumb working-class comedies and a breeding ground for Jersey Shore Lite. In the short time I’ve been here, I’ve seen a slow and steady influx of interesting people tiptoeing into the multi-culti stew. Hip things have started threading their way into the borough, enhancing quality of life without overpowering local character. Astoria will never become Williamsburg, nor should it want to. I have my eyes on a dream borough, merging sophistication with a lack of pretense to create something new and beautiful.

Evidence of the Coming Golden Age of Queens

Crazy cool ventures that capitalize on the huge borough film and TV industry.

-A large urban farm that supplies locally sourced meat and vegetables to trendy Brooklyn restaurants.

-Arthouse movies shown on a big screen by the river, with ethnic snacks.

-Old industrial buildings turned into speakeasies.

Sweaty hipster dance parties.

Edible Queens.


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