waving it around

I have long suspected my all-girl food writing class resents me. They act all nice and everything but I can read their venomous thoughts. After all, I am the guy without ANY food writing experience who wandered into a side job most of them would die for. Especially since most of these women have been food blogging for years without pay. It plays right into the statistics about dudes having better luck attaining plum gigs.

I’m sure gender bias has nothing to do with me though. I didn’t get here through any means other than raw unadulterated talent. Right, guys? Guys?


6 responses to “waving it around

  1. Why Good Girls Don’t Get Ahead… (great book)- They don’t consider stalking publishers to be polite, so they quietly blog from home for years, waiting for someone to notice them. I say, yes, gender roles have something to do with that- hopefully the ladies will learn from your example and get brave.

  2. just tell them you’re a little gay, they’ll get over it.

    i mean, and even though you probably couldn’t tell whether someone used hungarian paprika or spanish paprika in their quiche, you MADE this job happen. you should be proud.

  3. Em, I’ll have to check it out

    April, you’re a peach

  4. similar to what Emily said, I once read that men get more raises because they ASK for them way more than women.

    jesse, we drove thru Queens but didn’t see you. next time we’ll want a personally guided food excursion.

  5. Hey, I food blogged for at least 12 months without pay before I ran out of interesting things to say about food. Now, I study the food and write sciencey things about it! For money!

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