edible swag, 2

Last week I visited this new restaurant for an hour, interviewing Chef Chris and the house manager. My mouth watered when Chris told me about his two favorite dishes on the menu – stuffed pork loin and caramelized apples with pressed pork belly (takes over 24 hours to prepare) and wild mushroom and cream agnolotti (type of ravioli). He was like, “You gotta try it right now!”

Instead of succumbing to my momentary hunger, I waited until I could bring SK. I anticipated a hot date for my foodie lady.

Last night we headed out in the cold drizzle. For our entrees, we shared the pork and the agnolotti. For these dishes we paid $38, plus an $11 tip. But over the course of the evening, we were also given:
-beancakes with chipotle mayo
-tequila-grilled jumbo shrimp
-warm chocolate bourbon pecan pie with vanilla bean ice cream
-Uruguayan dessert wine

Pretty good date right?

Oh but hey! Doesn’t free food compromise journalistic integrity? To quote Wilma, an NPR reporter in my food writing class:

“I know it’s tough to not take free food these econ. days…at least for me. But I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I took a free meal in exchange for a write up, good or bad.”

Isn’t she right?


2 responses to “edible swag, 2

  1. This is a tough question. I guess technically (ethically) taking free food from the subject of an impending article is wrong, but I know I would probably take the food without a second thought if I were in your position, promising myself it wouldn’t affect my write-up.

    On the other hand, I know a girl who got fired from Page Six for accepting swag.

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