a week in food

photo courtesy liQcity

-Last Sunday afternoon the magazine had its first event. I thought it would be like a science fair, with a sea of posterboards on card tables, surrounded by small groups of people asking polite questions. I was so wrong- the event was raucous! Hundreds of people, tons of free food, live jazz and a panel discussion on the food scene in Queens.  (When a dude on the panel admitted he lives in Brooklyn, the crowd booed. We’re a defensive borough.)

-Sunday night was decadent date night.

-Tuesday morning I went in late to my day job so I could visit the chocolate factory. Situated way out where Queens falls into the ocean, it took an hour and a half to get there. What an amazing story. The owner/CEO is an old-school New York Jew who treats his 450 multi-ethnic workers like a family. The guy speaks 5 languages so he can talk to his employees in their native tongues. His mother died the week of the earthquake but he still stepped up to the plate for his Haitian workers, helping get their family members flown to the States, giving thousands of dollars to relief efforts, etc. I walked away feeling less terrible than I thought I would.

-Thursday night we had dinner with PR agent/femme fatale Muriel Goldberg at one of the restaurants she reps. It was cozy- me, Muriel, SK and Ornella (the owner). I wasn’t expecting much, as the restaurant looks nondescript and has zero hype. But! The food was excellent, especially the made-by-hand fresh pasta, in many unusual varieties- chestnut, buckwheat, rice, etc. We went home well-fed and glowing. Tipsy on vino, SK hugged everyone goodbye.

Muriel Moments:
– She called black people “savages.”
– She got angry I didn’t have business cards.
– She made the waiter wrap up two pieces of cheese from her appetizer.


2 responses to “a week in food

  1. Ah, it’s a shame to hear that Muriel was not the classy dame of my imagination.

  2. She struck us as a lonely embittered dame who spent too long in NYC. That said, Muriel was a stylish dresser, had traveled much of the world (“That reminds me of when I was in St. Petersburg”), and I bet she is well-heeled in arts and cultchuh.

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