tough break, kid

I’ve spent days hemming and hawing over this Haitian chocolate factory story, trying to make it a straightforward news piece while retaining some color and human emotion. This afternoon, just as I was putting on the finishing touches, my publisher e-mailed me this story.

DAMN. Scooped by the New York Times. Their story is more in-depth, written better (I can admit it), and, worst of all, it beats my story by a week. It will appear that I followed their lead like a dumb little novice reporter. Now my publisher is deciding whether to squash the story that cost me a half-day at work and a bushel of sweat and consternation. Dems da breaks.


4 responses to “tough break, kid

  1. no pain no gain. no care all the gain

  2. But hey, you get the consolation prize of knowing you got scooped by the very best in the business.

  3. That sucks. But at least it wasn’t the Fort Pierce Tribune or the South Polar Times. Just to be competing with the NY Times would be gratifying, for me.

  4. I won’t deny it gives me a little thrill to be playing in the big leagues.

    However, I fear that when the publisher reads my homey little feature and compares it to the powerhouse prose in the Times, she’ll notice that I’m still junior varsity.

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