the yawnville express

I treated SK to this event last night, a powerhouse lineup of world-renowned chefs discussing their passion. Reading top-notch food writers lately, I’m addicted to detailed reveries on food and cooking. What a treat!

Except it sucked. We wanted a flavor of the kitchen, richly poetic descriptions of the tastes and smells of master craftsmen at work. These dudes just sat on the stage and wanked off about the different restaurants they worked at, the names of the chefs they worked under, basically anything that could make the profession seem boring and pedantic. It might as well have been a panel on tax law. Peace out, sixty dollars.


2 responses to “the yawnville express

  1. Jeez, sorry this licked bag so hard. I’d have been excited, too, especially about Dan Barber.

    I wish I could introduce you to my friend Jeff. His passion for food is palpable, overwhelming at times, and definitely contagious. You’d think to get to their level of success, all the guys on that lame panel would be this way.

  2. They may have just been bad at expressing themselves? (I say this with enough time passed to feel forgiving).

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