shallow end

I’ve been away from writing for a bit so please allow me to ease into the blogwaters slowly, with a bulleted list.

  • This may shock all of you, but San Francisco is a nice place, with lots of good places to eat. SK and I ate Mexican for well over 50% of my visit, with over 50% of those meals being fish tacos. I ate the second half of an al pastor burrito at 5am on my Virgin Atlantic (I’m gunning for a blog sponsorship here) flight home.
  • It is sad to be without my number one dining and cooking partner, but we will show each other our food on Skype (p.s. what kind of world is this?)
  • A ludicrous fantasy involving my purchase of a San Francisco food magazine has been thrust upon me by SK and my food-writing teacher. I’ve contacted the publisher but I’m sure it’ll end shortly.
  • More realistic is that I’m waiting on my macro lens from e -bay, which means I’ll be taking INCREDIBLE food photos before you know it.
  • Guess who’s going to be on the cover of the first Edible Queens I edit?! I’ll give you a hint- rhymes with Gone Smegmazamo.

5 responses to “shallow end

  1. I think you’re great, and I hope you buy that magazine, because the “now what?” after THAT would be spectacular.

  2. You are living the dream, Mr. Hirsch. Good luck with your Jesse-style takeover of the SF mag. Did you meet Gone Smegmazamo? How was he?

  3. It’s fun to think about. I really wouldn’t bank on this one.

    The JL story hasn’t been written yet, it involves a tour of his favorite places to eat. I will try to join that field trip.

  4. I had a fish taco for the first time last Saturday. It was sublime: crispy whitefish, shredded marianated cabbage, and creme fraiche.

  5. How you think when the economic crisis will end? I wish to make statistics of independent opinions!

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