If you dig around a little, you’ll hear rumors that Yelp has a minor extortion scheme going, wherein they will remove bad reviews for a cost. This makes me uneasy (next you’ll tell me Wikipedia is inaccurate) as I truly believe in the collective opinions of the masses. For movies, I check out IMDB and Netflix user write-ups before I go to Rotten Tomatoes. If I’m researching gadgets, I’ll read the opinions of users over the wonks at CNET. And if I’m scouting restaurants, I prefer Yelp to The New York Times, even if the prose is less elegant.  I believe in the voice of the people.

In the very spirit of participatory web democracy, let me ask my readers- what do you think of Yelp? Give it a star rating.


4 responses to “yellup

  1. Well, until you told me this last bit of disheartening news, I would have given Yelp at least 4-1/2 out of 5 stars. I love Yelp; it’s got everything. And I think Yelp users are generally more savvy than the howling masses (that’ll last until Yelp becomes popular enough to reach places like Murray, Kentucky, of course).

  2. we use yelp quite often, for lots of different things. like everything on the internet though, i always take the comments with a grain of salt…and make my own decisions. (which has made for some unfortunate chinese take out disasters)

  3. 3.5 out of 5 stars. The democracy of the marketplace has a strong tendency to favor mediocrity.

  4. Hard to say. You’ve probably read the first big thing about Yelp, which is scary. It certainly doesn’t seem like it’s completely a force for good –

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