Dedicated to Iacocca

The secret to my success at the food magazine is a couple of unlikely things.

1) I like Queens. Unlike many food writers who swoop in, get their clips, then head back to apartments in Park Slope or the East Village, I actually live and eat here. In a wood-paneled basement studio, with Greek music and cigarette smoke trailing down the stairs dammit!

2) I roll with the punches. Even when I get spanked for making mistakes, or when the publisher makes big demands at the last minute, I don’t get sniffy or curt or passive aggressive. My newfound adaptability has surprised me because honestly, I can be a huge baby.

Loosely related gossip: Did you know that the actual Julie (of Julie and Julia) lives in Queens but refuses to grocery shop here? In the land of the cheap ethnic supermarket, the dummy goes to Whole Foods in Manhattan!


2 responses to “Dedicated to Iacocca

  1. What a tard. I hate people.

  2. That doesn’t surprise me. She’s a slut.

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