day in food now concludes

One day should not take a week.

6:30 pm- I boil a mug of Tazo ginger green tea and mix it with honey. This is me. I first got into green tea on my second date with SK, at a dim-lit sushi joint near my house. It’s the perfect drink for not keeping me up, but still giving a warm feeling and a (likely placebo) sense of alertness.

8:00 pm- Can’t believe I wait this long to chow Nancy’s cheddar mac. I add sriracha sauce, my go-to flavor enhancer these days. It gives the sharp cheddar a spicy kick, punctuated by juicy little tomato cubes. Brava.

10:00 pm- Time for my Danish beer. I now own a 23-pound beveled glass stein, the free gift for buying a three-dollar can of Faxe. I tell SK I plan to wear a hunting cap and boxers when I drink out of this ludicrous mug in San Fran. The beer is vinegary and flat.

11:00 pm- I house a small dish of Ben and Jerry’s underwhelming Stephen Colbert flavor. Ever since Ben and Jerry’s got bought out, their ice cream has tasted chemical-y to me. Breyers is my usual jam.

12:30 am- Not ready to stop eating, I fry up five pork and vegetable dumplings from Trader Joe’s. For a sauce, I mix honey and sriracha. Hits the spot, yo.

Good day.


3 responses to “day in food now concludes

  1. herrell’s is still the standard to which i compare all ice cream. but in a pinch breyers isn’t bad either.

  2. Glad the mac n’ cheese did you right. I could eat it every weekend.

  3. I remember when I used to write stuff like this.

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