epilogue addendum (or, how to not ruin egg salad)

This is a cautionary tale.

At the end of the aforementioned dinner party, I walked to the G train with the angry vegetarian. Apparently all was forgiven, because she gave me five hard-boiled eggs before her train arrived.

Easter Sunday, I decided to whip up a batch of egg salad. I wasn’t home for the holiday so I wanted a comfort food reminder of my youth. EXCEPT, I tried to get fancy. I had leftover mushrooms, which I diced up and sauteed in olive oil, then added to the egg salad.

To be fair, SK warned me multiple times that this was a bad idea. I did not take heed, as she has long been an anti-mushroom bigot. Guh. The squish of the mushrooms is just different enough from the egg white to give you a very odd spongy feeling in your mouth. And olive oil, combined with mustard and mayo is just, well, wrong. Easter fail.

My mother said she too learned the hard way that the basic egg salad formula isn’t something to tinker with- “Eggs, mayo, a bit of mustard and maybe some celery. Anything else and you will screw up the delicate balance.”


3 responses to “epilogue addendum (or, how to not ruin egg salad)

  1. Mushrooms in Egg Salad!@!! Double Yuck Jesse.
    I love the mushrooms but could not, would not , with eggsalad..<3S

  2. Have you ever put diced pickles and potatoes in egg salad? It’s AMAZING.

  3. Hey, I know this is old. My inattention has nothing to do with the quality of your blog. Anyway, I was going to suggest adding curry powder to egg salad. And maybe some fennel seed. It may sound strange, but I love it, and it’s excellent as a sandwich filling.

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