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E-mail today from magazine publisher: Final draft of magazine, for review.

Me: Looks great!

Publisher: John Leguizamo’s name is spelled wrong on the cover.

left coast

This afternoon Grayskull and I are heading to San Francisco, by way of New Jersey. I am so excited, I’ve started thinking in colors, smells and other abstractions.

Everybody wants to tell me how to eat when I get there. The PR guy at work says I should go to a German place that serves beer in a boot. My friend Adam recommends a Cambodian place with painful spicings. The entire world agrees I need to eat here.

One way or another, I will eat well in the Bay Area, and I will tell you all about it. Later skaters…

pink slip

A first- I had to tell someone last night we didn’t want to use a story they had already written. No beating around the bush. I said it just “wasn’t for us” but that he now has a story to shop around to other publications. The writer kind of freaked out.

The publisher said I should have been more gracious, citing business concerns that were out of my hands. I don’t know. Being clear and direct, there is no confusion we would want him to write for us in the future, thus preventing the extended hurt of continual rejections. At the same time, my directness caused ill will, which may come back to bite me later.

unmoveable feast

Photo smattering from my recent Willa Wonka moment at the
Taste of Queens:

To Out-gross the Uncrustable

Photo from USA Today

Amazing. In the ever-present quest to make the rich richer, and our food more disgusting, the NBA thinks it’s a good idea to emblazon their logos on pizzas.

From the USA Today article:
The logos, to be available next season for all 30 teams, are made of sugar, starch and food coloring. They’ll add about $5 to the pizza price.

Here is my response, in an e-mail to my friend Kitten:
This is sure to be an enormous failure. Who wants to spend an extra five bucks on something you see for five seconds before putting it down your eat-hole? Besides the fact that it surely grosses up your pizza something fierce.

Kitten made a clever pun on the word ‘foul.’

Comrade Wharton

When my counterpart at Edible Brooklyn won a major food writing award, I was all aglow. She informs her stories with a level of passion and breadth of knowledge far beyond me, but I have time to grow. The potential for a James Beard Award is a nice incentive for self-improvement.

When the awards were announced, I sent her a congratulatory/introductory e-mail and we bantered for a bit. Nothing more. After sk saw this video, she decided Rachel is too cute (and too local) for me to be friends with.

Comrade Leonardi

Sk’s longtime friend Colleen was a perfect friendship setup. In a cool coincidence, she is the deputy editor of Edible Columbus, a magazine that started shortly after Edible Queens. Colleen and I have compared salaries, talked about industry standards, and sent each other Spring issues for critical review. It’s nice to know her.