lobster roll 2

We’ve been duped into the next big irony, havent we?

-Tom Dudley

Did I give the impression me and T-Diddle became seafood pushers? Naw, we were just hungry.

One warm Wednesday night, I had a haircut appointment in Greenpoint, mere blocks from the epicenter of Ben’s lobster empire. Tom and I had hung out the night before, but we’d have to risk running out of things to talk about. Text message-

J: Lobster tonight?
T: In.

We met near the train station at 8:45pm and walked to the “secret location,” a nondescript red wall on a residential side street. Standing nearby were a couple of other shadowy duos, obviously fellow addicts. I sent a text message to Ben, placing an order for three rolls. He replied “Walk around the block.”

(to be cont.)


2 responses to “lobster roll 2

  1. We’ll never run out of things to babble about as long as there’s ironic food around.

  2. but you know once you start talking lobster rolls you have to try the williamsburg snack shack. as in the real williamsburg.

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