I’ve been working all weekend, and I’m almost done editing my first issue of the magazine. Final stories:

A) A first-person narrative from a suburban mom about raising backyard chickens. It’s VERY long so I’m looking for entire sections to cut. I’d truly like to debunk the longer-equals-better myth among new writers.

B) The John Leguizamo cover story. The writer, an editorial assistant at Vanity Fair, did a decent job, but there was way too much stargazing. It’s a food magazine, not Us Weekly, so I’ve distilled the story to its most crucial elements- John’s relationship with food and Queens.*

C) My own story, on the surf junkie manchild behind this taco shack. This will be my first story in the print magazine, and I’m driving myself crazy with niggling little self-edits. At some point I just have to send it in, lest I go completely insane.

*Side note: it was super-fun to pick the cover photo out of about 30 pictures of Johnny L. eating burgers and sushi at Citifield.


2 responses to “FINAL COUNTDOWN

  1. Undergrads, like new journalists, adhere to the longer=better myth. Slow your roll little dudes and tell me the most important thing about LĂ©vi-Strauss in 3 sentences or less.

  2. Is that pronounced lay-vee?

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