with the persistence of a cockroach

Unbelievable. When I wrote this post five years ago, I overestimated the American palate. I thought there would be a brief marketing spike, six months on the shelves, then Uncrustables would go the way of Clear Pepsi and slap bracelets.

Not so! On the train last week, a young woman reached into her shopping bag and pulled out one of these little grodesters. STILL FROZEN, she licked it and said to her boyfriend, “Dang, I can’t wait until this thing is defrosted. They the bomb!”


3 responses to “with the persistence of a cockroach

  1. At least they stopped making the grilled cheese ones.

    By the by, do you have the same issue with Lunchables?

  2. yeah, when i was a cook’s assistant at a camp a few years back, we gave these to the pickiest eaters. when i looked at the nutritional info on the back i was mortified. i just can’t believe what some people eat.

  3. i am reading these posts in reverse order. i think you should remind yourself and Kitten of this when you think the sports pizza won’t last. i think you might be very very wrong. people are going to LOVE them.

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