Comrade Wharton

When my counterpart at Edible Brooklyn won a major food writing award, I was all aglow. She informs her stories with a level of passion and breadth of knowledge far beyond me, but I have time to grow. The potential for a James Beard Award is a nice incentive for self-improvement.

When the awards were announced, I sent her a congratulatory/introductory e-mail and we bantered for a bit. Nothing more. After sk saw this video, she decided Rachel is too cute (and too local) for me to be friends with.


2 responses to “Comrade Wharton

  1. really?? i mean, she’s cute, in that geeky, computer programmer sort of way, but really??
    i’ve only seen your lady in pics, but on a scale of my own making, i would give this girl a “meh” and i would give your lady a “hipster hottie”. she should have no reason to worry.

  2. That’s nice April (or mean, if you are Rachel).

    Turns out, I was just making one of my jokes.

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