pink slip

A first- I had to tell someone last night we didn’t want to use a story they had already written. No beating around the bush. I said it just “wasn’t for us” but that he now has a story to shop around to other publications. The writer kind of freaked out.

The publisher said I should have been more gracious, citing business concerns that were out of my hands. I don’t know. Being clear and direct, there is no confusion we would want him to write for us in the future, thus preventing the extended hurt of continual rejections. At the same time, my directness caused ill will, which may come back to bite me later.


4 responses to “pink slip

  1. Chalk his/her behavior up to (lack of )experience. This person’s behavior sounds like the cri de coeur of a rookie writer. I think a more established author would have taken the kill in stride.

  2. While I’m here, that sausage pic makes me want to Just Say No to pork products.

  3. It was weirding me out too.

  4. i’m fully of the opinion that with each sucessive generation we turn into bigger and bigger babies…so good on you for being direct, we need more of that these days. sometimes playgroups are almost painful, so much lying to our kids, why do we get so upset when they grow up thinking the world is going to lie to them as well??
    no one gets it right all the time..and not every child is a genius.

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