hello lamppost, how ya doin

Two times, my West Coast co-workers have decided it’s time for an afternoon gelatto. We amble over to the Ferry Building in the sun, talking lightly and savoring the day. I order a key lime graham cracker cone and slurp it down like a New Yorker, hurrying to get back to work. My colleagues leisurely lick and dawdle, carpe diem-ing in my face. I’m conditioned to gossipy fast-paced coffee breaks, where time is of the essence and the caffeine (not the taste) is the raison d’etre.


4 responses to “hello lamppost, how ya doin

  1. and yet, new yorkers live longer than everyone in the rest of the country…hmmmm.

  2. did you mean to get that lyric wrong?

  3. sounds like a domestic europe. i am totally going. can’t believe i haven’t been yet.

  4. you love it?

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