sugar on the tongue

breakfast at the homestead

It’s my last morning in SF. Grayskull is sprawled out on the floor in a patch of sun. SK is in the backyard with her cat. I can hear drums and chanting in the distance. Just had some grapefruit and honey (why have I never tried that before?!) and some powerhouse coffee from this nearby cafe.

I don’t want to sound like Ruth Reichl in her self-satisfied “food is delicious” tweets, but oh em gee, have I eaten well. At beverages with my food writing teacher last weekend (she had beer, I had prissy green tea), she told me San Fran has a foodie inferiority complex when it comes to New York. My feeling is, if this causes Bay Area chefs to be as innovative and high-quality as what I’ve experienced, then here’s to the little-man complex!

When I get home tomorrow, I will do a roundup of all my favorite meals. Until then…


One response to “sugar on the tongue

  1. try the ginger cake at chow on church…maybe not plane worthy but a reasonable substitute.

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