Bay Burst 2

My friend Raub Roy is known as the “toothbrush and balloon guy” among experimental music circles in San Francisco. Those are his instruments. During my visit, he was branching out though, playing a misshapen, multi-pronged Vietnamese wood instrument that looked straight out of a Dr. Seuss book. His concert was in some guy’s garage, during the Divisadero Art Walk. The opening act was a girl who hit a miniature sewing machine with a stick at random intervals (SK said it was a waste of a cute object).

After the concert, we wanted tacos. Friends pointed us in the direction of Little Chihuahua, a hip taqueria down the way, where they had $3 tacos and $3 draft Pacifico beers (my favorite!) The food was so-so (rubbery shrimp, cold pork, foul cupcake) but it was like a festival in there, Manu Chao blaring and face-painted Burning Man weirdos everywhere! It was exactly how I pictured San Francisco before I visited, except it didn’t repulse me at all.


One response to “Bay Burst 2

  1. oh! don’t get me started on this area… the country cheese shop! it’s old school, I like it. kj’s is near there too… the cheap veggies!!! for cooking supplies:
    peanut milk!!! it’s like I’m on the 24…

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