bay burst 3

SK and I made* a couple of extra-tasty dinners. One was the de rigeur Cali staple, fish tacos. We beer-battered and deep fried some rock cod (I love the name of that fish) which I purchased from an Asian seafood shop in the Mission, then put it in corn tortillas with avocado, cabbage, homemade pico (chopped tomatoes, onions, cilantro and jalapeno), topped with spicy cherry pepper/lime yogurt sauce. I ate 14 tacos and drank 100 beers!

The other home-cooked meal came from SK’s fave food blog, Smitten Kitchen. We made a shaved asparagus white pizza, with mozzarella and copious parmesan, olive oil, green garlic, chili flakes and two baked cage-free eggs! We got the dough at Safeway: it was cheap chemical-laden Pillsbury from a tube. The dough’s crappiness couldn’t overpower the flavor power of all the other ingredients though. I ate half the pizza that night, then brought the rest to work. I think SK got a bite.

* When I say we made a meal, my role is often limited to critical support services, such as vegetable washing, music selection, and kitty petting.


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