bay burst fatigue

Lazy 1-day staycation in Queens. I am listening to Sean Paul in my boxers, thinking about a beer. This morning I rode my bike to LIC for a powerhouse breakfast with James at the new Quebec diner. After stuffing myself on a hearty sausage sandwich (pictured above), a magical man appeared and said “You boys should try our frozen custard. It’s truly exquisite.” This man was built like a bouncer, and I noted that his word choice was rather dainty. Dainty like a fox! That banana custard was bombdiggetydooda, especially at 10am, dolloped on a slice of home-baked raspberry pie. James and I shared the dessert, like the gentlemen we aren’t.

After breakfast, I biked back to Astoria, where I had an Edible Queens interview with this roots rocker/mixologist at his apartment. Our photographer met me there and we spent the next hour shooting the breeze about music, Queens and booze, while the camera click click clicked around us. While we chatted, Joe invented a top-secret cocktail for the Fall magazine, which he is sipping here. Okay, one hint- butternut squash infusion.

After the interview, I can’t really remember what happened to the next four hours. On my to-do list was writing one last San Francisco post, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. The nutshell version: SK and I got Burmese food and cake for a picnic one night at an outdoor screening of Beetlejuice. Acquaintance-friends gave us more food and wine and we got overfed and distractable and decided to watch Beetlejuice at home instead. The end.

Never fear- I visit SF again in two weeks!!!


2 responses to “bay burst fatigue

  1. That banana custard bouncer also told us that he was wearing a thong, and he hoped that we had, or hadn’t, I don’t remember, caught it with your camera. A truly memorable breakfast.

  2. Noted, and I will be visiting said frozen custard on my next day off.

    How often do you go out to SF? Can I have your life?

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