awash in marinara

I have not been purposely ignoring this blog, but I’m short on time at the moment. It’s crunch time for our Fall issue, which (thanks to a stroke of brilliance from SK) now has an overarching theme. I won’t reveal what the theme is yet, but take this photo from the pasta makers as a hint.
Photo credit: Daniel Krieger

I head to SF on Saturday and almost immediately, two interesting food things are happening. On Sunday, we’re going to see Frank Bruni, the legendary New York Times restaurant critic, do a reading at a foodie bookstore. I plan to give him a copy of Edible Queens.

Then on Tuesday, a former Australian soap opera star and two marketing people from this Aussie appliance company are coming to SK’s wee apartment to observe us making dinner. In return, we get $100 in groceries and a free Breville appliance. Very odd.

I will be reporting back on both events, when I can. Later eaters.


3 responses to “awash in marinara

  1. I just finished Bruni’s memoir AND I have that juicer! I am on pins and needles.

  2. That thing with the appliance people is cool. What are you guys going to make?

  3. I love appliances. I have a salad shooter still in its box, an old electric citrus juicer (since discontinued) and a salad dressing frother. Please more gadget talk.

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