SK Let’s Eat, summer edition

If you recall, on my last visit I brought SK some tasty New York treats on the plane. It was fun, but I’ve set an exhausting precedent for my visits.

This time around, I brought more burek, from a little shop I discovered on my biking escapades. This place is seriously Old World, with grizzled old Bosnians playing board games and 300 fat sausages on the grill. The burek was almost dense enough to push my luggage over the 50-pound weight limit. I preferred Ukus’ burek to the stuff from Djerdan, but SK did not agree. We’ll try to move past our differences.

I also brought two pretzel croissants from the legendary City Bakery. SK doesn’t love croissants, or pretzels, but combine them and she melts. We ate one at midnight, after a bit of SF nightlife (read: drinking). For more on the pretzel croissant, please to view this slideshow.

Next visit…sushi?


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