break-a my stride

After the apartment viewing, SK and I drove up to Petaluma for lunch with a friend. We fantasized what we’d do if we got the apartment. “We could paint the walls plaid and install a corn dog machine…” In the midst of our reverie, the phone rang- it was Linda! I freaked out and immediately hung up on her. She called right back.

“Me and Frank were talking about it and we thought you guys were a really good fit. If you want the apartment, it’s yours.”


They had started showing it to other people, then decided they liked us most. They even turned down a couple who tried to scoop it up by paying $75 more in rent. Frank said, “You can’t buy us!”

We signed a lease the next day. At the signing, Linda was kind enough to point out that I had cream cheese on my sport coat. “Honey, you’re wearin’ your breakfast!” She also showed us pictures on her cell phone, which she said her daughter faxed (read: texted) to her.

I love these people. After signing the lease, we all hugged it out. I asked to take a picture and Linda said, “Okay, but I better not see it on YouTube!” which probably means this blog.

No landlord pics, but here’s a few of our new place:


10 responses to “break-a my stride

  1. lucy the little elf

    Woo! Dig it.

  2. Looks drafty, but congratulations!

  3. Does it come furnished, mouthwash and all?

  4. i can’t wait to be neighbors and trade off back deck parties. also painting parties. holiday parties, dinner parties, craft parties. lots of neighborhood partying.

  5. All that space but you can still take a shower from the toilet. Glad to see its not too much nicer than NYC! Congrats!

  6. working fireplace?


  8. does it have a spare bedroom?
    i likes it. it’s very nice. warm and cozy.

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