and now, for something completely different

I am waiting on Big Writing News so I need to think about something else. Anything else.

  • I tried fire cupping this week because I had a Groupon. I got lost on the way to the appointment and fell in a gully. WTF, California.
  • The kitties are starting to get cozy. I watched Grayskull lick Bean’s face for at least five minutes the other night. SK thinks it was non-consensual.
  • Don’t tell the guys, but I am a huge Nutcracker fan. We are seeing the SF ballet perform it on Tuesday night. I’m all aflutter.

4 responses to “and now, for something completely different

  1. I got as far as the part in the fire cupping video when the one woman gently, ever so gently, unclasped the other woman’s bra, and then a voice in the background exclaimed, “you’re not wasting your money!” before I fell off my chair in hysterics. I will have to follow up on my fire cupping research later. Also, you seem to have a very manly back, I wouldn’t worry about that.

  2. So, what was the verdict on cupping??? PS I heard cupping is out and “spooning” is in.

  3. Cupping! I got cupped last year while I was helping some people learn acupuncture. It’s like getting hickies from 15 crazy fish mouths!

  4. Another of my friends, also named Jesse got this done while we were in China:

    He then played a prank on all of us saying he had been plagued by mosquitoes all night, then pulled off his shirt to our horror.

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