keep it together

After yesterday’s rejection, I brushed myself off and tried to get back on the horse, e-mailing other local connections about freelancing opportunities. I was shot down in two instances, adding fuel to my insufferable pity party.

Me: Why did I even move to San Francisco?
SK: Shut your face.*

Needless to say, I’m feeling a bit…fragile right now. Today I e-mailed the Edible Queens publisher to say I will be visiting New York in January.

Me: Can we meet up?
Her: Uh-oh. Sure!

Uh-oh?! Of course I totally freaked out and thought the magazine was closing or I was being fired. I immediately called her at home and said “Oh my god what’s going on?!” She was like, “Um, nothing. I said uh-oh because I thought you were going to quit.”

Heh heh, oops. Time to hibernate and stop acting like a weirdo.

*not a direct quote


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