my traveling shoes

This week is my nine-day New York sojourn. The goal is to cram in the fullest range of human emotion and activity.


  • I had one of the best dinners of my life at this schmancy place last night, balanced out by a $5 breakfast of eggs, sausage, toast, potatoes and OJ today at this dive (we saw no brown critters).
  • I got stood up by Aasif Mandvi for an interview, which made me quite glum. Then he showed up two hours late, with a sad story about burst pipes. We bro’ed out.
  • I spent the snowstorm in a Turkish baked potato restaurant, interviewing the manager about his weirdo toppings (hot dog chunks, green olives, marshmallows).
  • I walked two miles down Northern Boulevard in Queens to interview a Spanish chorizo maker. (Isn’t there a saying about not wanting to see sausage-making up close?)
  • I went from a raging drunk at the beginning of the week to a complete teetotaler now. My serious head cold is a factor.
  • Tomorrow I will go home to Massachusetts for one night, because my aunt passed away. Then I will hustle back to Brooklyn for a wedding.

And throughout all this frenetic activity, there’s one big thing missing- SK.

3 responses to “span

  1. I just realized that my post about the full spectrum of human emotion is mostly about food.

  2. Sorry about your aunt, Jesse. My condolences to Sue.

    P.S.: Nice shoes.

  3. That note ended so sweetly, I have a cavity. Why have you not stopped in Bambino? The coffee misses you. The lentil soup at that baked potato spot is apparently authenticly Turkish and my friends who traveled through Istanbul are big fans.

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